Financial Aid

Get help completing all the copious forms and plowing through the red tape of student financial aid. Find advice on which college aid offers make the most sense and how to best leverage those offers. Learn about the schools loans currently available and how to go about the application process.

College Dream Builder

Financial Aid Award Analysis

We provide a spreadsheet analysis of your financial aid awards. Helping you understand which schools have given you the best financial aid package.

Student Loan Selection

Discover the best school loans available each year with our annual non-biased spreadsheet comparison and analysis. We will make the loan selection process simple and easy to understand, while helping your family choose the right loan for your specific situation.

Confirm the Accuracy of the Student Aid Report (SAR)

We'll review, confirm, and make required updates and adjustments.

Remove The Stress of the College Forms

As a College Dream Builder client, we do all we can to make the college preparation process simple and stress free. Which is why we relieve the stress and frustration of having to fill out all the confusing and time consuming forms. From the Financial Aid forms to College Applications, we make sure they are filled out accurately and on-time, avoiding costly mistakes.

Financial Aid Award Appeals

You'd be surprised at the number of people who don't get the financial aid award they thought they deserved. Our highly trained staff will write appeals letter to the school on your behalf in attempt to increase your financial aid award.