Parent Services & Support

Have your own College Dream Builder consultant to call whenever you have a question or a problem. Never again be left in the dark just because the colleges and universities will not speak to parents. Gain access to special resources via the latest technology. Use proprietary checklists that help you and your student be fully prepared for college. Receive ongoing, customized care, and let us take the work off your shoulders.

College Dream Builder

A College Dream Builder Consultant For Parents

You will have the convenience of only having one phone number to call to get all of your questions answered. You will have the peace of mind knowing an expert is in your corner making sure no detail is overlooked and all deadlines are met. You will be able to watch your student progress through the program and you will be kept in the loop on their development and achievements.

Parent Resource Guide

You will receive a complete resource guide that answers many of the common questions, worries, and fears that parents face when sending their kids to college. We will give you a simple, clear, and easy way to understand the college admissions process. You will also understand how we will take the burden of financial aid forms off your shoulders

Access To "Client-Only" Website Resources

Tap into this powerful password-protected portal and utilize the latest technology to help your family plan for college and beyond. Login to receive the most up-to-date college financial aid data and helpful tips from your College Dream Builder consultant.

Organizational Planning Checklist

Periodically, you will receive a checklist of all the services we are providing, date of completion, the next step, and the status of pending work.

Comprehensive Client Care

Receive personal, ongoing client care, including our timely newsletter, client only workshops, and periodic review meetings, along with ongoing email and telephone support.

A Blueprint for Your Student's Education

Discover how much potential aid your family could be eligable for! For most people, college will be the second biggest expense of their lives. You should always undertake such an important decision with careful planning from a professional. Although College Dream Builder does not do financial planning, we can help connect you to qualified financial representatives across the country who can assist you in finding a comfortable way to pay the college bill while maximizing college aid.

Tuition Rewards

The College Dream Builder can award your student with tuition rewards points. Each point equals $1 dollar in guaranteed scholarships, up to one full year of tuition. These points can be redeemed at over 300 participating private colleges and universities across the country.

New Family Orientation

We guide students and their parents step-by-step through the college selection and application process. Clients receive an instruction package, and live coaching on how to navigate the high school-to-college transition most effectively.

College Preparation Calendar

Our proprietary college preparation calendar highlights important events and deadlines. It also breaks down the college preparation process into a simple, step-by-step, monthly checklist for both students and parents.